How to Name Your Startup,Mobile App & Software Product

How to name your startup
Finding how to name your startup is one of the first problems you will need to solve. While some argue that you should leave the struggling to find a name for a later stage and focus at first to just build your product, it is still a nice investment of time to spend some days figuring out the name of your product or startup. This will help you to design and brand your website/mobile app etc and make a better impression to potential investors. [Read more…]

TechCrunch Athens | Startups Meet up | Jan.13

A few days ago the Techcrunch Meetup Athens event took place in the Museum of Benaki (#tcathens or #tcath,  fotos from vrypan here), with more than 400 attendees from the startup community of Greece. The event was organized by Niko Bonatso and Alexia Tsotsis, with the support of OpenCoffee and Microsoft Innovation Center in Athens among others and there were different panels on startup founders, ecosystem builders – where I had  the privilege of participating- and VC investors. You can find the full list here.
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