Startup Events,Accelerators,Incubators & VCs in Greece

Do you have an idea and you want  to build your own startup? Or you already have your own startup and want to take it to the next level? Here is a list of resources that can help you:


Startup Your Idea:

If you want to take your idea to the next level then the key events in Greece are:

Startup Weekend Athens

Athens Startup Weekend University (for students)


Community Events:

In these events you can get inspired by Greeks who have their own startup or did something remarkable. You can also network with very interesting persons.

Open Coffee

TedX Athens

TedX Athens Academy

TechCrunch Athens Meetup



Wanna see how your idea stands up in front of a panel of judges? Join these competitions:

Imagine Cup Greece  from Microsoft Innovation Center(Only for students)

Aegean Startups from University of Aegean and TANEO

Kainotomeis from Eurobank

I-bank, Innovation and Technology from Ethniki Bank

Ennovation from AUEB and ELTRUN

Odysseies Kainotomias from University of Ioannina

Kainotomia  from Nea Genia

Call to Innovation from TedX Athens

Make Innovation Work from Hellenic American Chamber

Hackathon by Microsoft

Wowzapp by Microsoft

Hatziioannou Entrepeneurship Contest

The Hellenic Initiative


Co-Working Places:

It’s always better to share the fun. Join these co-working places to meet and work with techs/designers/devs/biz people.

Colab and Colab@Herakleion and Colab@AIT


Thermi Link (@ Thessaloniki)


Synergy Project

–  Openspace

The Archive


Articles on Coworking in Greece: Here and Here



If your startup/idea is accepted, here you can have free working space, consulting, support, access to business networks and a lot more:

Microsoft Innovation Center

EGG by Eurobank & Corallia

Start Tech Ventures



The biggest cluster of micro-electronics companies in Greece:




Here you can get help to proceed faster with your idea/startup and seek seed funding:



Igniter by Colab

Start Tech Ventures by Tsigos

A list of accelerators outside of Greece at:


Entrepreneurship Support Organizations




You can seek for VC (or Seed) funding in the following organizations:

The Open Fund

PJ Tech Catalyst by Piraeus Bank

Odyssey Venture Partners


Attika Ventures


Alpha Ventures

Oxygen Capital

Thermi Ventures


This is not a complete list, I am sure I have forgotten something important so feel free to contribute!